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The Island of Misfit Monsters (TIMM) 23: The Enervator

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

I've seen things . . .
When they point the enervation wand at you again . . .

Ah, day three. The magical day. After much harping on the DM for having Adam leave the fight (I mean really, its not like he has a lot of options for more minions) we were assured he would be making a timely reappearance.

{Player's Note: This is why I organized a full day for my finale}

And, it just so happened that she wasn't lying. But I'll get to that.

Round 8 Aria sauntered over to the badly damaged Draco-Liche and . . . laid her hands upon it. It crumbled to dust. Apparently Aria agreed that there could be only one.

But, before there could be any celebrating a roar of rage was heard from one corner of the field. Lucius immediately forgot all about Gozer the Enervated (seriously, she was up to thirteen or fourteen negative levels at that point) and used Abundant Step to teleport to the perceived origins of that scream. Sadly, his perceptions were off..

Duke, immediately charged towards that location, intent on revenge.

Nelzask started a charge to that corner as well, but Jareth yelled that he needed Vigo the Twice Slain's sword. Nelzask reversed course, ending up right back where he'd started: next to the bard. (that part's important)

Gozer attempted to slink away, but the trail she carved through the fog made it easy to follow her. Aria did just that, calling out her new location. Not that anyone could hit her while she was invisible.

Killgore the deaf (from a natural 1 on day 1) . . . looked confused. He shrugged and tried to aim at Jareth. Nelzask used a Hero Point to push the turncoat bard out of the way.

Hermin tried to pantomime that Killgore shouldn't attack Jareth. They liked him. We're never sure if the none too quick Bugbear understood the message, but he did stop firing at the Hobgoblin.

Round 9

Prince Adam materialized by Duke and delivered a touch attack. Sadly he'd forgotten that he was holding a Harm spell. Duke never felt better. Or, maybe Adam thought he could win Duke back over to his side? Now that would be a glass half full attitude, considering Adam had just murdered all of Duke's 'kin'.

Lucius teleported over to Adam and tripped him. Between the two AOOs that little maneuver gained him and the couple more hits he was able to land that was it for the twisted prince. Lucius then teleported over to flank with Libya, managing to roll a nat 20 on her as well. Tuned out she had like four hit points when she'd gone invisible.

Nelzask proceeded over to Adam to use a Coup de Grace (remember, the name of their ship) on Adam, severing his head from his body. Apparently Vigo had been upgraded with Vorpal. Yet another weapon turned on the Prince.

And all that remained was to divvy up the loot. Lucius called dibs on the Prince's crown, relinquishing the crown he'd been wearing in turn. And they actually gave it to him! Like he wasn't just going to sell it to the highest bidder. He also took the Draco-Liche's phylactery, and the corpse of the Nelfeshnee. With a curt nod to the others he teleported back to Bator.

The others followed Duke back to his tower to find that all but Wren (and her bat; that was very important to Killgore for some reason) had died. Apparently, she'd come to Duke of her own volition, meaning she wasn't on of his 'kin'. I don't know, I couldn't ask questions; Lucius had already bailed.

Duke asked that they provide him passage to the mainland, since vampires cannot cross moving water, apparently. And the others agreed! Like, do they not know what an evil act is?

Okay, okay, Nelzask did warn him that if he 'got up to any shit' he'd have to deal with him, but that was it. Here, monster, have a free pass to an all you can eat buffet! Just don't get caught. This isn't like releasing the fox in the hen house. IT IS RELEASING THE FOX INTO THE HEN HOUSE!

Not that Lucius cared. He did show up during the boat ride. Apparently, one of the boons for his efforts had been a large, glossy back, raven feathered wings. He quickly reminded them that he was still part owner of the CDG and left.

Next step was to take the remains of Jimmy and Yoric to a large town that could provide a full resurrection. Yoric quickly checked his pants and began celebrating. Jimmy, now completely healed of the consequences of a long dead neglectful king, opted to adventure with the group.


Or is it?

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