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In the sole interest of appearing humble (I've heard that's important) I have a few acknowledgements to make.  And what better place for them than an acknowledgements page eh?  So here goes.

WE'll start with the bland:

I'd like to thank my father for teaching me to think critically. Incidentally, he's also the man who introduced me to Sci-fi, so all of this is his fault.

Is that humble enough?  No?

Then i'd like to thank all my friends and family who've taken the time to read my stories and offer criticism.  I may not have taken all of your advice but I always listened.  Among these I'd like to send special thanks to Adam taylor and abby scott, the two best editors I've ever had, and christian parsons, (my current editor) for not having run away screaming yet.  yet.

How's the ole humble meter now?  Still not enough? 

Well there are these guys:

I'd like to thank the photographer/artist Robin de blanche for allowing me the use of his artwork 'distended aura' (The Background image for A.C.E.S.'s main page upon further reflection) for the costly price of linking the site to him when completed.  Sorry it took so long.

if you'd like to view more of his stunning art and photography please click here.

I'd also like to thank Tobias Roetsch, and Jeff Michelmann of GTGraphics for damned near bending over backwards on pricing for the artworks First snow, shadows of Elysium, portal, lux aeterna, and Camelot.  These are the backgrounds for this and other pages on A.C.E.S.  if you think they're impressive you should take a look at the rest of their art here.  I swear, I almost resorted to throwing darts at my monitor to choose five images out of that collection.  (i would not recommend this approach)

there are certainly more people to thank but i'm going to have to stop there; i'm actually starting to feel hummble . . .

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