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Now I know what your thinking; what is this?  How can a cupcake (delicious or otherwise) have an adventure?  I thought this was a serious blog, not some Adventure Time knockoff.  All good questions my friends.  And there's a simple answer:

I have the most chaotic dungeons and dragons group any DM has ever attempted to ride herd upon in the history of role-playing games.  All of them.  Ever.

I know some of you are saying that in itself does not describe the name.  Some of you are shaking your heads, certain that your DND group must be far more chaotic than the batch of sugar crazed gnomes I've been riding herd on for the last year.  If you identify with the latter column, well buckle your seat-belt buttercup, you're in for a ride.  And for those of you in the former column (or those of you emulating a Chinese menu) I shall digress.

Several months ago the group ran through a country called Cormyr.  For those of you not playing the home game, this particular realm is a bit heavy handed with persnickety details like who can walk around armed to the teeth.  In order to adventure in this most uptight country, the group had to register as an adventuring group.  And silly me, I let them name their group.  Now I know what you're thinking, but I didn't spring this on them at the last minute.  I dropped cleverly crafted hints such as 'What would you name your group?' on them a week early.  There was much chatter on the Facebook group I made for them.  Some of the suggestions for the group name were things like:

'Uninhibited Shenanigans'


(both of the above suggested by the gnome player of course)

'Randomly Ridiculous Roamers'

'Incorrigible Gnomish Assistants Inc.'

and my personal favorite "Dorky Nomads Doing Reward Stuff' or DNDRS for short.

Unfortunately someone brought cupcakes (dare I say they were delicious?) that day, and just as the group reached the point where Ethyl (the poor npc clerk putting up with them) asks for the group's name Dave (the most contrary member of the group by far) happened to be holding one in his hand.  One shit-eating grin later and the name 'Delicious Cupcakes' passed unanimously.  Quagrim now insists that his bullets are called sprinkles, Zubat's eidolon took on a reddish coloring and became known as 'Red Velvet', The group began asking about mail order brands shaped like cupcakes, Christian began planning to use a 3D printer to fashion custom plastic membership cards with cupcakes on them, and I developed a spontaneous headache.

Well, they wouldn't let me have a membership card . . .

These are the Delicious Cupcakes.  All DM's tremble before them.


The Architects of Betrayal: as told by Brandon Thompson  a.k.a. B.L. Tetcher

The Island of Misfit Monsters: as told by Beth Loutzenheizer 

Many Alternate Doors, No Exits in Sight: as told by Alexander Blancarte

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