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Ah, I see you've found the crown jewel, the piece de resistance, the diamond in the rough (I could go on, but you get the point) of this website.  Do i have your attention?  Got your expectations up?

So I guess now's not the time to admit that what you'll actually find here is a collection of my short stories?  Well, good . . . because its not.


well, I guess you've uncovered my diabolical plan to lure you to an innocent looking blog in the hopes of forcing my personal take on science fiction on you.  What?  You hadn't seen that?

. . . dammit.

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure I've gotten tired of waiting four months to get a 'no thanks' from magazines.  And when you consider the fact that all of them refuse multiple submissions (apparently they compare submission lists) it could take years just to circulate a story through all the magazines.  And, well . . . I've gotten impatient.  I want people to read my stories.  I want to get feedback.  And so I've decided to shamelessly rip off John Scalzi's (that would be the writer of the old man's war series) approach to getting published.

I ask nothing for reading my stories.  But if you found one entertaining, or if it made you look at something differently please donate a buck and comment which story you felt was worth your hard earned change.

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