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Many Alternate Doors, No Exits in Sight (MADNES) 31: The Pit

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

And now for the obligatory dropping of rocks.
Nothing foreboding here . . .

Welcome back. Last session the group had been given a lead on the escaped Necromancer they'd been hunting. And, like most Necromancers, he wasn't going to make it easy to find him. He couldn't just be in the center of the pit of skeletons Frank had seen. No, that would have been too easy.

Instead he was deep beneath the city. Because apparently the entire city had been built over a mass grave or something. I'm certain nothing bad has ever happened because of that . . .

In other words, get back into the sewers. {Player's Note: Personally I think the DM just prefers reusing assets . . .}

Most of the trip was fairly uneventful. Spooky tunnels. Smelly sewers. And a conspicuous lack of zombies and skeletons. Not even so much as a ghost train . . .

Eventually they found a passage downward, leading to even older sewers. I guess, the place had been built over an entire city, because screw those people, am I right?

Their trek back in time led them to a pit surrounded by a spiral staircase. Frank suggested dropping a sunrod down to gauge the distance to the bottom, and was quickly shot down by Hazel. After all, what if something down there would be alerted by said falling light source.

In her defense, it's happened before.


Then Thor suggested casting light on a rock and dropping it. A suggestion that no one had any problem with. Frank glared at Hazel as she approved said minor alteration to his 'patently ill conceived' idea.

Meanwhile, the glowing stone was falling for quite sometime before the sound of an impact traveled back to them. Counting the time it took for the sound of the impact to reach them, they estimated it had fallen roughly ten stories. And with that knowledge they began their decent. I suppose it's always a good idea to know how far down you're going before actually heading down.

Again, the trip downward was less than exciting. Something the opposite really. Even, anticlimactic.

With a couple of stories left, the spiral staircase ended. The non flyers then paired off with a flyer for a ride down the last bit. They found themselves in a circular chamber with an exit on one side. And between them and the exit was a wall of ooze. Closer inspection showed that it was actually five feet from the exit, as if some force was keeping it from plugging the arched door entirely. And it had the skeletons from numerous types of being floating at its bottom.

As they watched, a skeleton floated up in the ooze to face them. Then it reached one arm out of the ooze, offering to shake hands. Now, if Loki had been there, the gnome may well have taken that suggestion, or at least had an illusion do same. But none of this group were that crazy, seeing the offer of friendship for exactly what it was: a one way trip to corrosive-ville.

And they were even more certain than ever that they didn't want to get any nearer to that thing than they absolutely had to. But they had to get through the door.

The solution was to fly incredibly fast around the ooze, hopefully fast enough that it couldn't react. Thor started off, taking Frank with him. Once on the other side, Thor deposited Frank and went back for Steve. Frank took up watch looking down the long tunnel on the other side.

Once the others had gone through, Hazel followed, choosing the most difficult path she could manage. Where Thor had simply flown quickly along the curve of the walls, turning at the door. She chose to fly up, over, down, and then into the door.

Showoff . . .

Once that bit of aerial acrobatics was completed the group ventured down the tunnel. For a while. But, it eventually opened into a massive cavern with a ziggurat in it's center. The cavern was so tall it had clouds. The ziggurat, while not as tall as the cavern, was still enormous.

It had narrow steps carved into its side, that seemed to go up forever. Again the group paired off, rider and mount, and flew up to the top. (No the description the ridden like) As they approached the building set atop the structure they could see what seemed to be rivers of blood flowing out and down its slanted walls. They could hear chanting coming from within.

Thor also noted something in the clouds above them, a long thin shape that seemed to slither amongst them.

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