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Starfleet Watch: A Taste of Armageddon

(If today's media reported on Star Trek)

Friends, I must regret to inform you that Starfleet Captain James Tiberius Kirk's reign of chaos has continued unabated. As you know, we here at Starfleet Watch have been keeping a particularly close eye on his goings on; what we have found has disturbed us more than we can convey.

And, as of yet, he has still been protected by his superiors in Starfleet, which has only made him more bold. Just recently we have received a report that his ship violated the sovereign space of Eminiar 7 and single handedly plunged it, and its neighbor planet Vendikar, into war.

It started when the Enterprise was given orders to transport Diplomat and Peacemaker Ambassador Robert Gene Fox to Star Cluster NGC 321 to open negotiations with what civilizations it may find there, ostensibly to find a treaty port in that sector. Of course, sending a rogue like Captain Kirk on a diplomatic mission is a bit like replacing an Earth German Shepard dog with a Scalenian Scaled Wolf.

We are not entirely convinced that this assignment was not Starfleet's deliberate attempt to derail that mission. We all know that any military thrives in destabilized areas; it is entirely possible that they are looking to next year's budget, and worrying about how the stabilization of an entire cluster might affect it. Surprisingly, Kirk seems to have behaved himself for the majority of the mission, until that is, they received a Code 710 from Eminiar 7. For those of you not well versed with Interstellar Communications Law, Code 710 means 'Under No Circumstances Should A Vessel Approach'.

But, we've already seen how James T. Kirk handles orders, so it should be no surprise that the Enterprise continued to that fated planet. Captain Kirk claims in his log that he was ordered to do so over his objection by the Ambassador. We have, as yet, been unable to corroborate this testimony at this time, due to Starfleet Command's unwillingness to make available other logs, tapes, or access to any bridge officers.

Once there, Captain Kirk beamed down with Science Officer Spock and a team of security, ostensibly to ensure the safety of the area before allowing the Ambassador to transport down. We can not help but notice that this put him in a perfect position to sabotage those efforts, but have been unable to find anything to substantiate such allegations. We hardly expect an away team of people directly under his command to confirm such deeds though.

So, we may never know what happened. What we do know is that within ten minutes of beaming down Kirk's entire away team had been arrested. Captain Kirk claims they were arrested without cause. He claims that Eminiar 7 and Vendikar have been at war for 500 years! More so, he claims that they wage their war with computers, and that their people routinely march themselves into 'disintegraters' whenever they've been marked as 'casualties'. He claims that his ship was declared a casualty in one of these fictitious attacks, and that his people were held until he surrendered his ship's entire company!

Do you begin to grip the depths of this man's delusions? He actually expects us to believe that there is not one society, but two societies out there of people with no more survival instinct than a firefly in the candle light! What happens if there's a material breakdown in their death machines? What if someone breaks a leg, or gets stuck in an elevator? And that's just the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to the ridiculousness of his claim. In every society there are outliers, black sheep, people who just refuse to fit. In other words, people who actually care about their lives. How do these two societies handle them? Are we expected to believe that they would murder their own just to keep a quota? How could any society achieve space travel and still be so primitive? It boggles the mind. And that's not the last issue in his story that fails to bear up under scrutiny! According to Captain Kirk, this has been going on for five hundred years! Apparently, these people were marching themselves into their disintegraters while the ancient US of A and Mexico were busily squabbling over Texas! Utter ridiculousness. Would no generation reach out in all that time? Would not one peacemaker have been born that could heal the wounds between these two worlds?

Captain Kirk ends his report by stating that he 'destroyed the computers that waged the war with Eminian weapons, to save his ship and crew', ultimately tearing up the treaty the two worlds have.

Now, stop and think about that for a moment. Let's just assume everything he's said about these two highly improbable cultures is correct. That means that the Eminians warned his ship away for both their, and his protection. The Enterprise went anyways. And then, when his ship was declared a casualty of this war game, he refused to accept the responsibility of his act. The Eminians were only trying to preserve what little peace they had managed to carve out of the universe for themselves. Did he care? Did the probably death toll not matter to him? Did the inevitable destruction, starvation, and disease that follows mean nothing? Apparently not, as he proceeded to doom both worlds. That's right, because their treaty stated that if one side should default then it was void. We can only imagine that those on Vendikar would see it as a prelude to a real war and respond accordingly. Captain Kirk admits he was aware of this in his own words. He then goes on to say that Ambassador Fox volunteered to stay in the hopes of 'brokering peace between the two worlds'. Of course such an honored servant of peace would insist on staying to clean up Kirk's mess. He's a man of peace! He'd stay if there was even the slightest chance he could stem the tide of death that is coming.

And all he has to do is end a feud more than five hundred years in the making. Should he fail the peoples of two separate worlds will know the full horror of war in all its horrific shades. We here at Starfleet Watch applaud the good ambassador and wish him the best of luck in this endeavor, but we must also recognize the long odds arrayed against him. Even the man that made peace with the Orion's may have bitten off more than he could chew. How much longer must the politicians and ambassadors of our fine Federation undo the messes created by its military? How much longer will the rogue Captain Kirk be allowed to sew chaos and destruction between the peoples of the galaxy? How much longer friends? #ATasteOfArmageddon #IfTheModernMediaReportedStarTrek #StarfleetWatch

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