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Re: Inactivity

When I can't come up with a good excuse.
What did you expect? I'm wearing an orange shirt.

This goes out to my loyal fans. All four of them . . .

It's been over a week now since I've posted anything to my site. That's not entirely my fault. First, we haven't played Pathfinder in nearly two weeks. And the last time we did was a short session because we had to give a friend a hard time about an . . . elective surgery he'd had. Basically we just finished out a fight we'd started the week before.

What's that; what surgery? That's an awfully personal thing to ask. But, since you insist it was a vivisection.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. Maybe it was a vaccination? I hope he doesn't get autism . . .

You know what, that's not right either. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't a valve replacement. That doesn't sound very elective to me. But, I can't think of it right now, so lets move on.

The field of battle we chose was Cards Against Humanity. But first we removed every card even semi-appropriate to that . . . procedure and passed them around to all but him. What; like we were going to give our target ammo? And yes, we didn't tell him any of this was happening. Kudos to Christian Parsons for playing decoy while we set that up. (And also for authoring the whole idea.)

What? Of course you want to know which cards. Fine, but this is the last clue. We removed all of the genital mutilation cards. He found it hilarious.

This week we didn't even meet because I was getting a tooth extracted. What fun!

Of course, that only covers two of the many missing posts. The rest of that time I was working on a new type of mask, since everywhere seems to require their use now. Sadly, so many masks are so uncomfortable or hot. So I decided to try and reverse engineer my incredibly comfortable DYE I5 paintball mask, removing the upper portion. Its taken me this long to learn Tinkercad and build up the 1.0. I'm hoping it will even be able to use the foam nose cushions of the mask itself.

I've also added clips to hold a filter substitute in place. According the University of West Virginia, HVAC filters work quite well, and are easy to cut to shape.

For my next project, I've decided that my site is past due for a custom icon. I'm thinking of a donkey standing on top of a computer tower. Or perhaps a horse's ass. I haven't decided yet.

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