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My First Fan Fic

I finally finished the rough draft of my Infinity War Fan Fiction. It took far longer than I thought it would. It was also far larger than I thought it would be when I was done. I had no idea just how space consuming battle sequences could be. It's based on my interpretation of certain events in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I didn't start writing it until Black Panther was released, mainly because I thought they might allude to the location of the last Infinity Stone. But it is finally done. And now I can finally watch the movies. I would like to give a shout out to my friends who have been fantastic about this. I decided early on that I didn't want to see Infinity War (or Endgame) until I'd completed the rough draft. I was concerned about what I saw affecting what I wrote. Not only did they avoid spoilers, but they actively worked to protect me from them. They chose not to share funny memes on Facebook because they might reveal something. One of my roommates is a regular viewer of reddit. If I happened to be watching his feed he'd scroll past any memes from those movies.

They've also been great pains in the ass, bugging me to finish the draft because they wanted to be able to talk about those movies with me. Strangely, I appreciate that too. Well, the rough drafts are done. And I still haven't seen the movies, only now its not my fault. They, the people complaining I hadn't seen them yet, have decided they want me to wait until we can all get together to watch the movies. So now my ignorance is on them.

The first chapter of my fanfic has been published on You can read it here.

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