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Hypocrisy: Election Fraud Edition

So it turns out that the election is over. There's no such thing as election fraud. We should just stop being babies and accept the results. So say the supporters of the Democratic National Committee.

Which I find incredibly ironic (to the point of hypocrisy) coming from the exact same people who threw literal fits to the point of blocking traffic and rioting when their candidate of choice failed to be elected four years ago.

You remember that right? Back when election tampering was a real and present threat. When nearly every liberal in the country was screaming about securing the election? Remember how they impeached a president with no evidence? Then swapped the narrative to obstruction of an investigation because he protested being investigated (with no evidence) on social media?

And what was their complaint? Were they complaining that someone had hacked into a ballot machine and swapped votes? Were they complaining about mysterious large numbers of votes all going one direction? Were they complaining about how DNC oversight was not allowed to witness the counting process?

Nope; they complained because of a group of hackers performing actual investigative journalism. Yes, the broke into Hillary Clinton's private server; that was illegal. Then they shared what they found there. That's all. They did not alter them. They did not make anything up. They aired her dirty laundry.

Remember when Democrats hailed Edward Snowden as a hero for doing same during the Bush administration? Hmmm . . .

Nor is that what the complaints are here. Not that its actually easy to find what those complaints are, I might add. Google (verb usage) 'Election Fraud 2020' and you will get page after page of liberally biased sources saying there was no fraud. There is no fraud. Election fraud is a myth.

Except four years ago.

But, if you keep searching you will eventually find something. The best article I found reporting on this growing concern comes from an Israeli publication called Yated Ne'eman. Yep, you want actual reporting you gotta go around the world. And, to be clear, this was actual nonbiased reporting. They simply tell you what the complaints are, what the responses are, and who's doing what. That's it. There's almost no charged language at all. (If you don't know what I mean by charged language you can look at my blog post on Yellow Journalism) The only one I found was them calling Vernor Jones courageous for supporting Trump despite his DNC allegiance.

To boil it down the complaints are as follows: - It is reported that in three different states votes were swapped from Trump to Biden

- In the early morning hours several key swing states saw massive amounts of ballots for Biden with none for Trump. It has been suggested that these are empty ballots with only Biden marked.

- GOP representatives were denied access to counting rooms.

- Kelly Reagan Brunner applied for/recieved 67 ballots for residents of a care facility she worked for, claiming to be their agent.

Sounds a bit worse than having one's dirty laundry aired doesn't it?

Maybe there are more, but that's already a terrifying list. I don't care who you support, if you're goal is to have a fair election, to uphold our Republic (No, we are not, nor have we ever been, a Democracy) then this list should give you pause. You should wholeheartedly support endeavors designed to make sure these concerns are investigated fully.

Maybe election fraud is a hoax. Maybe all of these complaints are genuine attempts to stop manipulations of our voting system. I'm certainly not going to stand there and say one way or the other until I can see some facts. But it does seem a by hypocritical to me that groups that went so far over the last 4 years have immediately declared all of them false. Could it be that election fraud is only a thing if it works in their favor? Or perhaps they know something they don't want an investigation to reveal?

I don't know, but I'll definitely add it to the pile of why I don't trust the Democratic Party or their lap dogs in the media. I don't trust hypocrites.

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