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CC: Wild Domestic Violence

Domestic violence comes in all shapes and flavors
This maneuver found under alternate tanking strategies

In a previous post I detailed the numerous excuses for our long delay between the last gaming day and this. So, of course, before we could even begin, the ritual questions reserved for such a long hiatus had to be answered. Questions such as: where are we? What was the goal? Who are these crazy weirdos? All good questions, my friends. All good questions.

But, once that was out of the way, we were able to continue on. For a short while anyways.

I have no idea (in game time) how long the caravan traveled before the roar of a T-Rex standing over a freshly killed Ankylosoraus warned The Cupcakes of danger. Mainly because my character was asleep at the time. Needless to say, he wasn't asleep anymore. Being the morning person he was, he grumbled all the way to where the rest of the group had marshaled.


The rogue, excited at having the highest initiative total, promptly forgot she was a rogue, and charged the Dino. It promptly chomped down, grappling her in its mouth. The next turn found her sliding into its gullet. A survey of a hundred rogues all agreed, that was the wrong direction to be sliding in a Dinosaur's throat.

The Gnome immediately began casting spells. As he couldn't help the rogue, he started with fly. This necessitated a concentration check and a roll on the Wild Magic tables. Because they were in a wild magic area.

Of course, any of them could have checked this ahead of time, with their slime magic barometer. As you'll recall its color changed based upon whether it was in a Primal, Wild, Null, or Normal magic areas. This was of most interest to the Gnome, as he was the group's only caster. He saw it as just adding extra steps.

Nor did he even hesitate to continue casting as that first spell revealed the nature of magic in their area. In fact, he reacted if anything, like that field just added a little zest to his spells.

In his defense, he did roll exceedingly well on the tables. He got the zone of truth once, the can't cast until next round once, and free restorations several times. Most of the time the effect just wasn't applicable. So it all worked out right?

Shortly after the gnome had ascertained the nature of the local magic, a second T-Rex burst forth from the brush. Kor'el charged, attempting to get its attention. Khadijah raced to try and help Velora from her digestive plight by doing what fighters do best: kill the thing trying to kill your ally. Gred flew up and hucked his bombs liberally about.

Kor'el then followed Velora's example, being eaten by his T-Rex. Of course, I say 'his' in a very loose sense.

The group was able to kill both T-Rex just before the Rogue would have died. As they cut open her fleshy prison, Feorge cast a spell to heal her, gaining the added effect of daylight within the area of the spell. That area being the insides of the T-Rex. It began glowing out of its wound and mouth. Needless to say, it creeped them all the fuck out.

They also found a large helm inside the T-Rex, prompting a complete gutting of both animals. The Gnome looked on, offering advice, and being ignored completely. Which was probably for the best, really.

Afterwards they moved on. They'd traveled only a few hundred feet when they happened upon an odd couple engaged in a magic duel. Such undertakings would have been bad enough in a wild magic zone, but it became quickly apparent that they were in fact now in a Primal Magic Zone. Which is worse.

Much worse.

Both of the insane duelists offered rewards for helping them subdue the other. Most of the group seemed unsure of what to do. Feorge flopped down on his belly, elbows out, hands propping his head up, and proceeded to watch the show.

Of all of them, Khadijah seemed the most concerned. The male tried to sway her with a charm spell, but ended up filling her bag of holding with snakes. Which decided things for her quite nicely really.

But, before she could interfere, the woman cast a spell that knocked herself out. Soldiers appeared almost immediately from across the meadow. It was at this point that they learned that the two duelists were a married couple

The guards quickly carted the woman off, heading back the way they'd come. The group followed, finding their destination city to be just over the rise.

They found their drop off point, complete with overly arrogant goblin doorman. A goblin doorman that came very close to being beaten within an inch of his life before his employer shooed him away. They handed off their cargo and headed for the nearest inn.

They weren't there long before a young man approached them, asking that they deliver the woman they'd seen arrested earlier her clothes. The Gnome sensed a trap immediately and refused to go. Not that he was too good to accept one of the 3 rings of force shield the group was offered in payment.

What? It was shiny!

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