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CC: The Art of Making things Disappear

When you see your failure in other's faces.
The deans of Feorge's school . . . every time he saw them

Ah, here we are again. Another session. Another action packed extravaganza! But, we do like jam right?


It started when the interns took their interns out for a little OJT. It became clear that they weren't the best teachers quite quickly, when their only action was to command said trainees to sit down, shut up, and watch. Then they went out to pick a fight. It wasn't long before they found one either, in the form of a set of Gnolls and one dire Hyena out for a walk. Still not sure which was walking which, but I suppose we'll never know now.

The group dispatched them in what was becoming their standard tactic: Send the chew toy (ie. the Invulnerable Rager Barbarian) out first to draw attention. Flank with Velora and Khadijah. Put the chaos twins in the back to do that voodoo that they do. Worked like a charm.

They were just starting to congratulate themselves when, out of nowhere, an Allosaurus attacked. Fortunately, it went straight for the chew toy as well. Did a better job too; actually had the Barbarian in its jaws, just munching away. Sadly, that left the rest of the group to deal with it . . . while the Barbarian insisted it tickled. Well, you know what they say: no brain, no pain!

The hungry dino didn't survive much longer. By that point, the group decided that they'd had enough learning fun for the day. They pitched camp (I wonder who did all the menial labor there?) and bedded down.

Sadly, a group of Murlocs (A Wow inspired DM created abomination that shall certainly haunt my dreams) thought that was the perfect time to attack. It started with them making that sound that's some sort of cross between a scream and your girlfriend gargling to get the taste out of her mouth. The night watchman (okay, watchwoman. Geez, does everything have to be about gender now?) heard it and raised the alarm. The Cupcakes spilled out of their tents, including a scantily clad Dwarf Barbarian, which is not something one can ever unsee.

One Murloc cast Downpour on the area they were in, which really had no effect on the cupcakes. (You'd think it at least made them soggy right?) The sans armor Barbarian took quite a lot of damage, but Feorge was able to heal through it, even able to cast a few attack spells.

The fight ended quite abruptly, much to the chagrin of Velora, who'd failed to even land a blow. She went back inside, bitching about being woken up and not being able to kill anything. Everyone else bedded down easily enough.

The next day the group came upon a duo of Owl Bears (or, Bowls as Feorge insisted on calling them) terrorizing a farm. Feorge started things off with a scorching ray right to the closer one's face. And rolled a Nat one. With magic. That's incredibly not good. {Player's note: I have spent the entire campaign waiting to roll a 1 while healing an ally, because most of those fails work beautifully for the target. So, of course, I rolled it one of the few times I tried to make an attack. It's like RNJesus doesn't like me or something . . .}

Critical Fail Card Says: Target becomes invisible for 1D4 rounds. Invisible!

What; what number did I roll on the D4? What a stupid question! Of course I rolled a 4. Thanks for rubbing it in!

But it was okay. Feorge had it under control. He slapped his hands together, as if wiping dirt off of them after a hard bit of work, and said "That's how ya do it," to the rest of the cupcakes.

And they believed him. So, they arrayed themselves to meet the other Bowl. (No, I am not going to stop calling them that) Which put them right between the invisible Bowl and the healer.

{DM's Note: I was fully intending to have the invisible Owlbear charge the healer. In any other circumstances they would have left a clear path as they moved to attack it. But, this one time the uncooperative bastards got in the way. Probably because they thought it was gone.}

The Bowl then charged up to the closest person (this being Khadijah) and . . . failed on every strike. Against her flat footed AC. The DM decided it was funnier to have it not become visible until it actually landed a strike, but did warn Alex that his character felt weird gusts of wind around her head.

The group dispatched the second Bowl before noting a shimmer of movement and surmising that they were still not alone. Casting a quick glare in the direction of the Gnome, they turned to attack the square. Shortly thereafter it made the mistake of landing a blow, making it visible. It did not live to regret that mistake.

The group then corned Feorge, complaining that, not only had he made an enemy invisible, he'd lied about it too. Feorge replied completely unrepentantly that they would have run away if they'd known there was an invisible Bowl to fight. They thought about arguing but honesty forced them to admit he had a point.

Khadija then went to check the farmhouse the once invisible Bowl had been attacking. She opened the door, to have a pitchfork thrust into her by a terrified farmer. She gave him a dirty look and stomped back to the healer, pitchfork and all. Velora, then approached the house intent on . . . smoothing relations. #CC #CaravanOfChaos #EpicCritFails

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