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CC: An Unexpected Ending

I'd like to say that the DM wrapped his entire campaign up in a wonderful twist that closed it sooner than expected. I'd like to be able to say that. It sounds so much better than saying a personality conflict got out of control.

I'd like to be able to say that.

Early on in the day, as we were in another unexplained fight, rolls went badly for Dan. He quit right there. Beth talked him back into continuing the day out (ostensibly by suggesting he get his frustrations out on one of the other players by killing his character). At least I think that was the plan, for he came back downstairs and told me my character was going to die. I just shrugged. What's one more imaginary character right?

Apparently, Feorge's ability to heal was becoming something of a sore spot.

{Player's Note: Speaking as a DM, I have to say I understand the appeal in that. Not saying I'd do it, but I'd be tempted.}

So, we continued the fight. And, as my character flew into the air (courtesy of his Vermillion Wings) a devil of some sort appeared and grappled him. Ah, so his impending doom had become a physical presence . . .

Or so it thought. But, unbeknownst to the DM, Gred had a bomb for that. (He has a bomb for everything) The next turn Gred hit it with a frost bomb. It failed its save, becoming paralyzed. Well, it should have been. But the DM decided ex-post facto that his character had in fact rolled a 20 on the save. Now, as I and Clint pointed out, that is within the DM's rights. And, had this been the first time the DM had done as such it probably wouldn't have been a problem. But this was not the first time the DM had done as such. It had become a regular thing for him to simply force events down his predetermined path. As such, this move generated some animosity among the rest of the group. This resulted in some snide remarks being made. As one player tried to explain the reason for these feelings, Dan began acting as if everything in the campaign was their fault. Every complaint by anyone, every problem, every mistake in the campaign became attributed to this one player. Which, of course, escalated tensions. Comments and insults were made that will not be repeated in this august publication.

The (now) argument ended with the DM storming upstairs to write in the group web page that he would continue only if that player was not present. Instead the group decided to move on to Alex's campaign. Dan and Adam split off to create their own campaign. The rest (joined by a new member) started Alex's in a new location.

Personally, I blame Beth. In truth, I think this was for the best. Dan (in particular) was a combat player trapped inside a role playing group. I am confident that all involved will have a more enjoyable experience now.

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