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On Ghosts and Demons by: B.L. Tetcher

Tech Sergeant Tom Obrien's been on the front lines of the war against the Zrillahy Combine, the multi-tentacled monsters from a Lovecraftian nightmare, for years. Those experiences changed the man who went to war. One in particular has haunted him since his return. Therapy has not halted, or even slowed the evolving self destructive tendancies he brought home with him. But one Indian research scientist may have found a way to help, a way to force the man to confront his issues. There are no guarantees, for this is a new technology, completely untried for such use. If it works it may give him his rather promising life back, and give his wife and child their husband and father. If it doesn't nothing else will.

Copyright: TXu 2-108-107

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