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The Architects of Betrayal (TAB) 43: Help, I've Fallen And I Can't Get Down!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

This is not what I meant when I said I wanted to be thinner
Like that, but on it's side

As it turns out the group had stopped the week before only a couple hundred miles outside of Guantlgrym. Other than a slight equipment failure on the train they had no trouble getting there.

They stopped at the train station (because . . . LOOT!) and found an arch leading to a large cavern with a huge lake of water in its center and a massive stone door at the other end. Pwent nearly wet himself with glee.

The group then began to work out a plan for what to do next. Meanwhile Quagrim and Pwent were already half way around the edge of the lake. Zornesk then decided to catch up. And remembering that the shortest path between two points is a straight line, he began to fly over the murky lake. Minerva called out that the group shouldn't separate, but was heeded by no one. Since when is a bloodrager the voice of caution in an adventuring group anyways?

At about the half way point a massive tail swept out of the lake and smacked the flying Kobold back from whence he'd come. He'd barely had time to register that there was an evil aura beneath the waves before he came to, stuck in the door frame of their entrance.

Minerva read him the riot act about separating from the group, then yanked him free. She then had to restrain the feisty mini-dragon from wading into the lake to take up his displeasure with said evil thingy. They had managed to tell from that one brief volley that the tail belonged to an Ancient Red Dragon. He didn't care. He was already gibbering madly about being used as a shuttlecock.

In an attempt to short circuit the inevitable argument, Globat teleported everyone to the door. Zornesk then attempted to escape Minerva's clutches in order to wade into the lake from that end. He really has a one track mind when it comes to evil . . .

As Pwent began activating runes on the door to unlock it a wizard duel erupted between the casters and the thing in the lake. Their perceptions weren't high enough to see it, but it was able to see them. At one point the dragon cast wall of fire on the group. They dispelled it.

As they started buffing themselves it would cast Greater Dispel Magic on the entire group. Eventually Minerva let Zornesk go. He of course stomped down to the water's edge (roughly 60 feet away from the group) to taunt the dragon.

Meanwhile Pwent had unlocked the door. So while Zornesk spoiled for a rumble in the puddle, they worked together to push the massive gate open. When they succeeded they found an invisible dragon on the other side. While they'd been screwing around he'd teleported to the other side of the door.

Well, not immediately. He was invisible of course.

As it opened he said 'let me help you out' and proceeded to turn the ground for 100ft into lava with his breath weapon. 61 damage was had by all. Minerva then attempted to fly up to him, gaining herself an AOO for her trouble. The dragon crit, doing another 103 damage. The dragon also cast Quickened Pyrotechnic Eruption, creating a smoke cloud to cover himself. Deciding that the dragon clearly needed more bling Quagrim cast glitterdust on it. Technically this should only have effected the front of the massive creature, but the rules don't make change for cathedral sized dragons. As Zornesk reached the dragon it then teleported to the edge of the lake. (The look on Alex's face was priceless.)

But unfortunately, the group's damage dealing capacity was simply too high. I'd already had to burn a wish to heal him, and in one round they did as much damage. So the dragon, decided that discretion was the better part of survival, and proceeded to cast teleportion. As a parthian shot (literally in this case) Globat cast greater named bullet again, this time naming dragons. Quagrim took his shot at the cost of a hero point, doubling the damage the creature had taken. Then it was gone.

"AND DON"T COME BACK!" Quagrim yelled after it, waving his gun menacingly in the air, a somewhat more threatening ultimatum than one would normally expect of a being of such small stature.

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