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Mission Impossible: A Confusing Title

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

I am the storm?  Wait, LINE!
That face you make when the director tells you you're going to have to sprint at least a kilometer.

So . . . another mission impossible movie. I have to say I stopped after the first or second one. I'm really not even sure which anymore. I know I've seen parts of two, but that's all I'm sure of. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against the movies. They are basically action extravaganzas, and if that's your thing I'm sure you loved every one of them.

I just tend to go for movies with a bit more in the plot department. Still, when I saw the previews for this one, I couldn't help thinking they might have something more than Tom Cruise being more heroic than Captain America. (I seriously saw an image comparing the two while looking for an appropriate pic for this post; it seemed a little over the top). And I have to say, they delivered. Oh, it wasn't the deep involved plot of movies like Good Will Hunting, or Star Trek: Generations (yes, I'm a Trekkie; get over it) but it was still solid. I'd have to give this movie an 85%.

Starting off with Hunt's guilt at what he perceives as ruining his ex wife's life was a nice start. But then we jump straight into the difference between the IMF and the CIA, and are forced to ask the question; Which way is better? Is it better to care about every life, or to do what saves the most lives, even if that means sacrificing a few? Certainly circumstances do not always give operatives the choice, but in this case Ethan Hunt (portrayed by Tom Cruise (obviously)) chose to save the one, thus putting in jeopardy the many.

For this failure he is saddled with CIA operative August Walker (played by Henry Cavill, aka Superman . . . or is that Hopeman?) who expresses a very different view, one he shares with his boss. Throughout the rest of the movie we see how these two views affect the way they handle the issues at present.

While I caught some of the twists in this movie before they happened I'd be lying if I said I'd caught them all. But it wasn't for the plot holes, I assure you; I didn't find any. This story wraps itself together very well, while still maintaining its trademark intense action sequences, and death defying stunts. Also my muscles were exhausted just watching all the things Ethan Hunt had to do.

Probably the most annoying part of this movie is talking about it with gamers. Seriously does not work. It goes something like this:

"Did you see Fallout?"

"Yeah can't wait till I can play it."

"Its a movie."

"They made a movie about the Fallout series?!"

"Mission Impossible: Fallout."

"Oh, that. Why didn't you just call it Mission Impossible?"

I've edited out the thirty minutes of griping because I'd gotten their hopes up about an open world game being turned into a movie.

But, setting that aside, this movie truly had the whole package. It had action, drama, intrigue, and a well layered plot. Add to that a spicing of humor that breaks the tension at all the right moments and you have a very good movie. Honestly I'm rethinking my 85% as I write this. A true novelty for me, as I usually downgrade my opinion of a movie as I write a review. But I'm sure a copy will show up at the house once its on blue ray, so we'll see then.

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