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The Architects of Betrayal (TAB) 37: Chuck Norris . . .

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

I . . . I think he's stuck . . .
. . . wishes he was as awesome as Zornesk!

Welcome back. As I'm sure you recall Zornesk was saved at the last minute by a blue skinned stranger uttering the words "Come with me if you want to live."

As it turns out this blue skinned stranger is the second coming of Zubat. A Zubat 2.0 if you will. Or, as the Pokemon aficionados among you have probably guessed already: Golbat. And yes, he came from the future, ostensibly to keep The Delicious Cupcakes from fucking everything up and plunging Faerun and all its planes into damnation.

As they worked their way back to Ormpettar, Golbat filled them in in a very Big Bang Theory way. With the time left, he told them of how Zornesk's name has/had/will have continued to grow in that timeline, mostly because of the embellishments of one Quagrim. They came to be something of a joke really. This quite neatly brought them up to the city. Convenient, that . . .

They were met again by the three bowateers, who thanked them for their work (that would usually be considered a terrorist act) and gave them an IOU. I know what your thinking, but it was a really cool IOU. It glowed with blue flame and everything. At that point Oracles decided to leave the group to help the order. (See, I told you I'd get rid of that uncooperative wench.)

Once the group managed to locate a library, they had little trouble deciphering the latest diabolically clever clue left for them. Now all they needed to do was find the ancient lost Dwarven capital of Guantlgrym. Which just so happened to be the same city that dwarf in the tavern had been prattling to them about. What a coincidence, right?

So they traveled back to Arabel, a mostly uneventful journey. The only trouble came from an entire flock of Blood Hawks. Quagrim looked like he was celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Those poor vampire birds . . .

They had little trouble locating the dwarf, and great trouble in keeping Zornesk away from the booze. What's the point of limiting him to one drink if he insists on carrying around a stein bigger than his body?

The dwarf was so ecstatic at their sudden turnabout, he even told them his real name; Thibbledorf Pwent. He then led them to the building he'd been so certain contained an access to The Underdark, but despite recent events it was still gaurded. The group tried diplomacy, bribery, and even threats, but the gaurd would not let them pass.

Realizing that they needed someone with a bit more political clout than a wandering dwarf (that smelled really bad) a drunk Kobold, a raging human or a gnome, they headed back to Ormpettar. Not wanting to waste the time walking (and yes, I would have made the players roll more encounters; that way they'd know how their characters felt) Golbat offered to teleport the group. And so it was that they teleported to the ruined capital, found Athos, and convinced him to help them. They then teleported back to Arabel, heavy one cult leader.

But of course, the group can't get through a single session without some form of fuckery afoot, and this session was no exception. As they made the return trip, Zornesk commented that he felt a little sick from the teleport. Quagrim quickly capitalized on that statement by convincing him that when you teleport your stomach is delayed by half a second and must catch up. "So that's why you feel queezy when you teleport".

And yes, I gave him a -20 penalty to his bluff check. And yes, Zornesk still believed him. The crafty gnome even had designs on buying a sheep's stomach, and dropping it as he teleported just to prove his assertion. Fortunately Athos had more important shit to do. So they took him to the building, he commanded the gaurd to let them pass, and Golbat took them home.

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