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The Incredibles 2: Redux

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

So you want to do the exact same story again with some character swaps?  Are you related to JJ Abrams?
Even Edna was disappointed

So I'm just going to go out and say this: If you're going to just copy a movie for a sequel, DON'T KEEP YOUR FANS WAITING FOR 14 YEARS! And if you insist on taking that long to present them with a barely rehashed plot don't advertise the fact that it took 14 years. Seriously, I had to check to see if JJ Abrams (you may know him from this site as 'the man who should be beaten about the head and shoulders repeatedly for what he did to Star Trek) had written it. It had his 'copy the plot verbatim and make some character flops to make yourself feel better' style written all over it!

But alas, there's apparently another one.

What's that? How bad was it really? Well, lets just count the similarities.

1) The movie opens on the family fighting an evil doer. Once again there is collateral damage and they are blamed. Once again they are bailed out. Once again they have to uproot.

2) Then they are approached by a set of mysterious benefactors who promise to bring heroes back into the limelight! Oh, what a shock.

3) Then, oh snap, it turns out that one of the benefactors was evil and working against them. Oh my god. Who could have seen that one coming? Wait, wait, teacher, Me! Me! Answer: EVERYONE! Hell, it seemed so obvious to me that I was thinking 'it can't be that' through most of the movie. Clearly I had more faith in the 14 years it took to write this than I should have.

4) Then the parents get captured and the kids have to save the day! Does this sound like the exact plot to The Incredibles to anyone else?

Ah but what about the roll reversals I mentioned? Well, Elasti-girl is the one Supering this time, leaving Mr. Incredible at home with the kids. Jack-Jack is now the nearly uncontrollable kid instead of Dash. There are two benefactors, and only one is evil. And instead of building a robot that could kill any super (that then gets out of control) the evil one is brainwashing people with goggles. Because apparently no one can figure out to close their fucking eyes until they can take the stupid ass goggles off! And I mean no one!

Bottom line; it would have been less deceptive to advertise a sequel and just show the original. The one saving grace this movie had was that it was funnier than the previous revision. There were several LOL moments within its blatant copying. And that's the only reason I give this movie a 60%. I suppose I could have gone higher, but we must nip this 'emulate JJ Abrams' behavior in the bud.

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