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Antman and The Wasp

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Are the Vroom Vroom noises really necessary?
Yeah . . . its about like that.

First, let me just state that you don't go into these movies expecting a deep plot. You go to see what crazy shit Scott Lang is doing. That caveat out of the way, I'd say this movie was as good as the first. It's far more a comedy than most Marvel movies. A good time, but nothing I'm going to see more than once.

I did find it unlikely that Lang would be able to somehow plea bargain his sentence down to 2 years house arrest. Certainly not without selling out Pym, which he clearly didn't do. I mean, he broke an international treaty, obstructed justice, and caused a significant amount of damage all by himself. But we'll let that go.

His ex's husband's attitude flip also seems a bit severe to me. He went from 'we have a restraining order' to 'gimme a hug!'. Seems a bit much even after seeing Lang save his step-daughter.

The ending solution was a bit convenient as well. First, I have issues with the idea that Pym's wife would still be sane after more than a decade alone. But, worse, not only is she sane, but she now has magic powers that coincidentally can cure Ghost; the very person who was trying to kill her to fix herself. Who knew right?

But the constant banter between Lang, Pym and Hope (It was really Hope, and Pym ganging up on Lang) was a lot of fun. The school scene was hilarious, despite feeling forced. One of the Antagonists was a nice blend of grey area. And Michael Pena reprised his roll as Luis brilliantly. He definitely stole the show in any scene he was involved in.

If you're looking for just a fun movie to get some laughs this is definitely it. I'd say it was an 87%.

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