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Deadpool 2: The Bromance

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I guess there's more than one way for male bonding to happen . . .
I'd say Deads is going to hell for this, but we know he isn't . . . no matter how hard he tries.

Honestly, I've been surprised by the reactions of most people to this movie. Most say that the movie was good, but not as good as the first. I think this might be due to the fact that it is actually a more subtle movie than the first. True, that's like saying a sound (any sound) is quieter than a nuclear explosion.

In my opinion, the second coming was actually better than the first Deadpool. It was, however, different. It had a different feel. It had a more complex story, with a more involved plot. But it was still loaded with Deadpool doing what Deadpool does best; annoying the ever living shit out of all around him.

It was honestly a bit shocking to me that, after the first movie, the writers could still subvert my expectations. But they did. Several times. I particularly approve of the twist with Shatter Star.

The movie also successfully introduces a few new characters. Cabal is obvious, of course. But I found Domino to be a fun addition, and also I am insanely jealous of her.

In fact my only serious issue with this movie is the idea that Russel would be morbidly obese. Now, I know your winding up for a rant against fatty haters. Go ahead, I'll wait.

All done? No? Okay, you'll run out of steam eventually.

How bout now? Good, then we can continue. Firstly, that statement was not to suggest that their can't be fat mutants. But the idea of someone living in a place of high tension and controls (like say, an orphanage where one is tortured) would a) have access to the amounts of food required, and b) be able to keep the weight on in the event they could find the necessary masses to consume, is a bit much. How many fat Vietnamese POWs were there?

Note: There is nothing noble or beautiful about attempting death by food. And this comes from someone who was severely overweight. It's something I still fight with. But I do fight it. I don't just come up with an excuse to stress the ever living hell out of my body.

Anyways, back to the movie. Other than that one flaw in the story The Second Coming delivers a surprisingly coherent (especially for the merc with a mouth) plot about choice, consequences, the need to belong, and even the problems with punishment before crime. And while his 'speaking to the audience' moments are fewer, he more than makes up for it with some looks that are worth ten thousand words. And again, we get to see Colossus flat out cut loose in a big fight. The only thing that left a nasty taste in my mouth was how the Dopinder character has moved closer to becoming someone Dead's will eventually have to off. Oh, and seeing Dead's baby ass.

Yes, I said it: his baby ass left a bad taste in my mouth. Go ahead; have your little giggle.

Overall I give this movie a 90%.

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