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The Architects of Betrayal (TAB) 30: Adventuring Lesson 37: Pick Your Fights

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

'See, I told you there was something worse than a Lamprey Eels'
Personally I'd have simply called these things hungry bungholes and been done with it . . .

In life, it is important to know when your just flat outmatched. Always remember that discretion is the better part of-

-What? From that? No, they fought that. Two of them actually. They ran from the pirates. You remember the pirates right? I do. I heard lots of big talk about the pirate fight the week before.

So we started off with the pirates coming into sight. The pirates were able to close due to superior ship handling. And that's when the group did everything (literally everything) in their power to ensure that the pirates never came to bear. I know right? I wouldn't have believed this group would run from an assembly of hell's worst. But they did.

First Zubat attempted to cast Freezing Sphere on the pirate ship, which would have locked it in place for the spell's duration. Unfortunately the pirate captain literally could not fail that check.

But two can play that game right? Turns out the pirates had a caster too. And they cast Control Water on the water around their intended victims. In naval combat this basically creates a whirlpool that traps the ship. Think Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest.

They dispelled it.

They then attempted to set fire to the pirate ship, but the sorcerer was having none of that and used dispel to counter. And so on, and so on, as the group fought to get away. Which they eventually did. Pussies . . .

Afterwards they ran into strange seas. The weather alternated between high winds and becalmed, which did nothing for the poor old geezer that was on the ship for still indeterminate reasons. It was as if the weather had become bypolar, or perhaps it was just its time of the month. It got so bad the Gnome and the Samsaran actually conspired to buy him seasickness medication at their next port.

Then they fought the two Charybdis (see above) monstrosities. They not only fought them they dove overboard to make it personal. They didn't even wait for the ship's captain to heave to, which would have been problematic if they hadn't been in the becalmed part of their weather cycle.

Yes, you heard me. They ran from the pirates like a fat kid from bullies. But they had no problems with jumping into the water with . . . well, that! Just goes to show that you never can tell which way this group will jump.

Oh, and they rolled another encounter with the nightmarish fishies at the end of the session, so guess where we'll be starting at next week? Bet they run away again . . .

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