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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

You know, running a corporation is starting to sound better and better . . .
In this scene, Lara just can't shake the feeling that she's been here before . . .

This movie is little more than the standard coming of age tale told throughout the ages. It does deviate slightly from the traditional norm in that it is not an unwillingness to accept responsibility that holds Lara back but love for her missing father. It works through these issues primarily with myriad chase scenes (there seams to be a 1 per location rule going here) and some well done action . . . for the most part. I think I only saw her running directly away from men with rifles twice.

The biggest bit of confusion for me comes in the shape of Lu Ren, played by Daniel Wu. He is introduced to us as a drunkard and less than successful gambler. But in the movie he shows uncommon timing in dangerous situations, astounding marksmanship, and good tactics. Was he once Chinese SOF? He certainly didn't gain these skills playing Call Of Duty. I know COD players. Giving most of them a gun would be terrifying. But he gained them somewhere. One simple line could have solved that.

Other than that, this movie had a very Uncharted feel, which is good because apparently the only difference between Uncharted and Tomb Raider is the sex of the main character and their level of snarkiness. But I never played the Tomb Raider movies so I have to extrapolate. My friends did say it felt very much like the reboot game of 2013, even going so far as to incorporate certain plane elements. Get it? Plane Elements . . .

I was also impressed with Alicia Vikander's conditioning for the role. And, lets face it, doing all the stunts in a Tomb Raider movie is impressive on its own. And she looks like a young Emily Blunt; all pluses to be sure. I'm certain some people will complain that she's not pushing an E bra size; to those people I say 'stop acting like you're twelve'.

I also appreciated the emphasis throughout the movie of how legends change as they age (Like cheeses and wine as opposed to people) and can often be misinterpreted. And I found it pleasantly surprising that the 'magic' had real world explanations.

Overall this movie was simply setting up future installments. In my opinion it did so quite well, and I look forward to more from Vikander and Co. I'd say it rates an easy 83%.

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