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The Architects of Betrayal (TAB) 25: Zornesk The Redeemer

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Why is he grabbing that lever?
The Acme Flight Initiator: While supplies last!

Camp number 16 came and went with little trouble. The only real issue was the lookout that was given a chance to surrender. This isn't the first time the cupcakes have had to deal with such a situation. In fact the DC have handled it in a number of different ways. Sometimes Halona would simply cast Tree Stride and take them to the army. Well, except for the first time when she took him back to a park in Arabel and set him loose. They quickly realized that perhaps setting them loose in the very city where their agents had killed almost all of the previous group might not have been the best idea. I believe Tanic's response was 'YOU DID WHAT!?'

/*DM's Note: Fortunately for the group, I decided before this side quest began that the dwarves were good enough to catch one leaker. This just used up their safety margin*/

When catch and release proved difficult they would often drag them to the road, tie them, and leave them for the army a few days back. Don't worry, they had no chance of getting out of the ropes Bob tied around them. (Remind me to tell you of the time he decided to debone a lion by wringing it out; there was much vomit to be had) Sometimes they'd even leave food. And in rare circumstances they simply refused the surrender. Ah, good times.

/*DM's Note: Whoever attacked a surrendering man did gain some small amount of karma points towards neutral.*/

But what to do with a man after they've accepted his surrender? Besides from glaring at the Kobold that accepted that surrender of course. Damned goody two shoes wanna be dragon loving . . . Tanic went on like that for some time.

Well if you're the cupcakes the first step was obviously to relieve them of their gear. Next you discuss random ways of dealing with him. Let's see there was:

1) Leave him bound on the road. 2) Leave him bound in the forest. 3) Leave him bound and surrounded by a stone wall.

4) Leave him . . . well you get the idea.

And through all of this Zornesk was there refusing to allow it. Over and over and over, as one plan to leave him to starve was advanced it would be slapped down by the three foot kobold. They even tried to appease him by saying they'd leave him a Ring of Sustenance, knowing full well that it wouldn't work for a week.

It was about the point that Quagrim had advanced the idea of building a large catapult to 'deliver the payload' that I had Alex choose high or low. He chose wisely. And the captive (out of gratitude and perhaps a shred of integrity) stopped radiating evil. This earned him a charisma point. The kobold, not the redeemed human.

At which point the group finally listened to Halona when she pointed out that she could still cast tree stride that day. She took him to the army. I can only imagine how grateful he was to be imprisoned by the dwarves . . .

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