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The Architects of Betrayal (TAB) 11: Over The River And Through The Woods To Mirrodin's House We Go!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

This shouldn't be physically possible!
It's always the little guy you don't want to piss off.

A quick double check of the geography of Faerun made it clear to our topographically deficient heroes that Arumdina's handle was much closer than the lead they had on the blade. And so it was off to the high wizard Mirrodin's tower they went. Fortunately for them, this destination was close enough to Neverwinter that they could simply use that road most of the way.

Along the way they came across a herd of Mastodon, an indifferent Ent, and a unicorn. And two sets of Winter Wolves just for fun. They avoided the Mastodons, spoke briefly with the Ent, and murdered the unicorn for its horn.

Okay the subject was raised and the kobold glared them into silence. They didn't actually hurt the unicorn. More's the pity . . .

The Winter Wolves on the other hand, found the party. On two separate instances one of the two attempted to attack the bite sized morsel that was Quagrim, heedless of all else. On two separate occasions the only things standing in their way was an even more bite sized morsel named Zornesk.

And in both cases this barely 3 foot shrimp stopped a ten foot tall wolf dead in its tracks. You could almost hear him yelling 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS!' in each instance. Although it was probably more of a squeak considering the size of the roadblock involved.

Calith managed to get the attention of the other wolf in one instance by attempting to cast Entangle upon it. Had it worked it would have been brilliant. Alas, the wolf made its save, and proceeded to pounce and rake the half elf. A half elf who, in her haste, hadn't bothered to redone her armor.

In a rare bout of healing over damage she managed to keep herself alive until the others could kill it. After all, Zornesk had the other handled nicely all by himself.

The second wolf of the second attack was hemmed in by Tanic Vex, and Zubat and pummeled into unconsciousness.

Of course in each case, once the battle was finished, Quagrim acquired a new wolf head shaped helmet. There was much discussion of making a true helmet out of it. I of course attempted to point out that the head was nearly the size of the gnome, at which point the plan was modified to make a combination helmet/body armor out of it. There was more talk about how to make it so the mouth would open so he could shoot out of it. Eventually I pointed out that such armor would have pushed his already lethargic speed down further and have great penalties on his reflex saves, ending that shenaniganry. Thank Ghu.

Vex did remember to dump her cursed manacles into the first stream they passed. The group spent one night in Neverwinter to sell their ill gotten gains before leaving for the wizard's abode. For obvious reasons, Vex decided to room at a different inn then the gnome and rogue. I can't figure out why. . .

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