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Welcome to A Cutting Edge Soapbox (A.C.E.S. for short), a site designed solely as an outlet for my constant and unceasing logorrhea.  Here you will be subjected to my thoughts on a myriad of topics, as well as humorous D&D stories.  I'm certain that, at this point, you are thinking very fondly of escape . . . but it is too late.  For deep down you know that your curiosity will eventually trump your horror.  And this site is like a can of pringles . . .


Also I've started adding my own stories under the 'The Writings of B.L. Tetcher' tab.  Mostly Science Fiction, but I occasionally write other genres.

Hey, My niece and nephew helped me with that pseudonym . . .

Warning:  I do not share the childish opinion that there are such things as bad words.  Perhaps I'll do a post on that at some point.

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